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At Aiken Design Center, work with our talented and experienced team to match your style with a clear vision and guidance through each step of your unique project. Whether you’re looking for guidance from the ground up to help you through the selections for a new home, assistance decorating your space to better reflect your personality, or a professional to help you reimagine your space for a home remodel project, you’ll find everything you need at Aiken Design Center.

How We Help

There is nothing more rewarding than helping people create beautiful spaces that work for families who call them home. In many cases, what should be a fun and exciting process becomes stressful when homeowners either struggle to bring their visions to life, or become overwhelmed by the number of decisions they need to make. At Aiken Design Center, we guide homeowners through each step, offering suggestions that align with the vision for their home to keep this process enjoyable, while producing a stunning home our clients can be proud of. 

Who We Are

The Aiken Design Center family includes two talented interior designers with an uncanny ability to translate client tastes into stunning and functional spaces, and a cabinet designer who tailors your storage needs to your style.

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